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It's time to start your business! The company “Orlan” will help You with this!

Orlan 16.05.2019 at 07:08


We will help You to open your business and start their own business. We'll show you how to strengthen its position in the market. You will be like a fish in water, in the preparation of a business plan, marketing, Finance and taxes.

27 may 2019 to 31 may 2019 specifically for young, energetic, creative people, entrepreneurs aged 19 to 30 years 5-day certified specialized training, which will be raised and reviewed the following issues:

“Business idea”

How to open your own business? How to find a niche in the modern market? How to achieve recognition and competitiveness of their products or services? How to realize your dream business idea? This is not only all the participants of this training.

date: 27 may 2019. "Marketing"

Oh, that far and near the word "marketing"! Only for those who will be joining us, a secret we will talk about modern and contemporary approaches to the study and analysis of the market. We will give You all comprehensive information about all types of marketing activity. You will become a professional and begin to teach others about the intricacies of marketing.

date: 28 may 2019

“personnel Management”

At the end of a productive meeting You will be able to build a whole HR management system. You will receive the keys and levers that will be able to select and apply to each employee. We will teach You how to become a professional Manager, how to win the respect of his colleagues.

date: may 29, 2019.

“Finance/Business plan”

On the training: how to master the modern, basic methods and techniques of financial planning, as of one cent, for example, the world of Scrooge MC duck, to make your fortune how to properly and professionally prepare a business plan for starting a business. And what You've never heard and never read.

date: 30 may 2019.

“Taxes and law”

Information on the basics of entrepreneurship, taking into account all legislative processes when opening and forming your business.

date: may 31, 2019.

Record and more detailed information by phones:

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+993 63 59 62 93

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