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The Latvian teenager was beaten by the cries of "go Back to Russia"

Russian Britaniya 16.05.2019 at 19:09

Boy beaten in school cafeteria by another student, while the witnesses were accompanied by beating, shouting, "go Back to Russia".

12-year-old native of Latvia Edward Purgailis of butla (County of Merseyside) wanted to have lunch in the school cafeteria when he was hit several times on the head. Seventh graders fell to the floor, when he bravely tried to protect his head from bumps.

Police Merseyside is currently investigating the incident, which occurred on Wednesday 15 may at 11 am.

This happened when I went out with food on the Playground – the boy said in an interview with the Liverpool Echo with the permission of the mother Olga Smileaway.

the guy said that I said something about it and hit me in the dining room. I turned around and I was very angry. I asked him why he did it, he told him to leave me alone, and pushed him away.

But he started hitting me harder and faster. I was left with bruises on her arms from his blows, when I was lying on the floor. He beat me in the head with his fists. He hit me 17 times. And when the teacher came, he was gone.

He attacked me because you thought I said something about him to teachers. He constantly said I was talking shit about him.

Edward added that had gathered to watch the clash of the disciples said to him: "go Back to Russia, you bastard".

Liverpool Echo

Now, Edward is constantly a headache, and he did a CT scan, to check if he had received a brain injury.

After the beating had left him with wounds and bruises on the forehead, nose, hands and back.

the 34-year-old Edward's mother Olga, which also has a 14-month-old daughter, said that they live in Bootle the last 6 years. She moved from Riga (Latvia) is in search of a better life. Currently, Olga works, sitting with the child, and before that she worked at the factory of land in Crosby County (Merseyside).

Liverpool Echo

When I touch the head it hurts so bad. I'm very upset. I don't want to go back to school, – said Edward.