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The generosity of small things

Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

There was a discussion on the topic of unsolicited gifts. I think I see a grain of truth in the viewpoints of both authors. And will continue the theme with their own zadolbali — Pro small debts.

Well, you know, there are times when someone owes a small amount for travel, coffee and the like.

but I hate when, especially exchanging money, bring this little thing, and in response begin to "politely" deny:

— Oh, come on! Oh, Oh, keep it! Oh, this is garbage, don't!

well, if people just say this once, "out of courtesy", and then takes the money. But it happens that the first adequate person suddenly begins to do some absolutely incredible stuff: stick the money back in your hand and clamp your fist, put you in your pocket or your Desk drawer...

you People even normal? If the money is such a small thing, why are you doing a circus?

Courtesy, of course, there is no uncomfortable feel everyone, including the witness.

You want to demonstrate your generosity and nobility? Please, but not in relation to adult and independent people. Leave a tip the service workers, and charity serves the poor.

the profit of a Cup of coffee does not happy, but I have to thank you for your kindness and rejoice in your generosity and I to be in the position of the beneficiaries, the debtor, poor little girl gave the ruble.

In General, those who do so, please remember — the most fun you will deliver her, "the debtor", if you will quietly take their money and we will stay each to their own.

And yet — zadolbali.

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