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All the benches sit, porridge with butter want

Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

You Know, I was sick of how men are manipulated so that they "feed the family". Is this armor-piercing projectile — the last argument in any debate about financial inequality and the reason why men are demanding financial benefits.

will Cite a recent case. Now I run a team of 30+ people. One of his subordinates about a month ago he demanded to increase his salary — not in the context of indexing and not for expansion of responsibilities, and just because he's getting married. The guy is 26 years old. Married he's not armless and legless wheelchair and on a very healthy 22-year-old girl. Children do not plan for too young.

wonder why the same to you, lad, "feed the family" if the future wife could run itself? In response to receiving the flapping eyes and answer: "I don't want the wife worked, I believe that the woman should be home." That is, the boy cherished wet dream of Patriarchal Paradise in a particular family, but to pay for his wishlist why should the employer. It's something!

And I would understand an isolated case. But men often go to audacity just to grab a little more dough and is covered by all the family. You endear yourself to your colleague and steal her order? Yes, easily, the woman utrus and armorica a family to feed. To claim the prize for nothing? Easy: the main thing often to shake before all information about their negligent unemployed wife and three ditocco. Blame work colleagues and myself during working hours to take outside work? So what? Work for the man, you're not worth anything. And he had a family to feed.

now, friends, I am 32 years old, I'm married. I'm 16 years old and during the marriage I have had to be the only breadwinner of the family: when her husband was fired when he was sick, when he received a new profession when we started the business. In total I provided my husband for almost four years. Hell, I even decree was not there already from the hospital began to work. And no, I'm not complaining. What I describe is a normal situation for partnerships. But I never occurred to me to beg the employer money under the guise that I "family to feed".

Why? Well, probably because I am ashamed to beg. Because my boss did not have to worry about my family business. But why you, dear men, think otherwise? Why you are its status as a breadwinner as a banner and have the audacity to demand money for the fact of your spouse unemployed?

No money — so let the wife goes to work. And if the wife is useless and uneducated nipple — either resigned (he himself chose it!), either divorce her, we have in the country for divorces stones do not clog. And when you beat yourself heel in the chest and yell "ascorbic" — you are, in fact, require companies to give you privileges for your irresponsible and stupid choice of spouse.

Enough to do so, zadolbali.

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