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Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear lady who raised such an important topic of increasing fertility!

largely you are right, but at some point I will allow myself to disagree with you. Yes, when doctors refuse a cesarean, when all the testimony to him — it does not climb in any gate. Yes, with the poor performance of physicians can and must be fought. Yes, doctors and nurses should be polite, and I must say, I came across just such. Yes, hospitals should be good conditions — starting with a hot shower and finishing with curtains. But with regard to the choice of the method of childbirth and breastfeeding... no, no and no again!

the Doctors don't accidentally try to do without a C-section. It in itself harms the baby and mother, and it should be done only when, as doctors say, the "expected benefits exceed the predicted harm." What happens if you do it at the request of the patient? Yes, there are intelligent women who understand this, but there are those who will require a cesarean because they are afraid to give birth.

the Fact that they are much more namuchaetes then, after birth, they may not understand. Another thing is that doctors sometimes go overboard and don't do a caesarean, where it is really necessary, but it is a matter of skill, not choice. Anyway, a caesarean section is an operation and operations should be decided by the doctor.

the Choice of method of feeding... but what can there be choice? Breast milk is much healthier than any mixture. Even in the best mixture no antibodies, so children Iskusstvennyi get sick more often, no hormones, particularly melatonin regulates cycles of sleep-wakefulness, which in newborns is not enough, so Iskusstvennyi often "confused day with night." Between expressed milk in a bottle and chest definitely need to choose the chest. And this is better for mothers: less likely to get lactose with subsequent mastitis. And the bottle and/or mix it is necessary to choose only when there's no other way — for example, milk is not enough.

the Other thing is that there are excesses. For example, in the hospital where I gave birth to her first child, the doctors were convinced that the mixture can not give at all, if only the mother has any milk, and the resulting mixture did not give even to those who had an outright shortage. And even intimidated mixtures to such an extent that I long feared to give a mixture. But this again depends on the training of doctors.

And to provide choice to women who may not know much — it's still risky.

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