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That, in fact, created a scene

Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear author of "Let It Bleed"

Liked your story, so happy to laugh (for it is not the nail in the eye, so to speak) and to your question: "Now why do that?!" — I will answer without problems.

If you really don't know why they do that, Google "How to become a writer" or "How to become a writer." Read the most venerable and famous. They all agree on one!


But it is that makes you so disgusted (Oh, how I understand you — very sick!).

Only what we perceive, how sickening stuff, they presented as the only proper course — as a guide to action. As the "only and not otherwise."

advice to a beginning writer, if you remove the crawfish, boil down to the fact that it is necessary to take the hero to show in the first scene, he is so cute, and secondly, it will be something awful. He tries to extricate himself, but with him is even more terrible, then another, until it is beaten in a prison cell without food or water or anything nice. Then let it slowly out.

the Newcomer told that other schemes to attract the reader (the viewer) supposed to just not exist.

It turns out that there are people with heart disease, hypertension, or weak nerves, or simply aesthetic demands, which are interested to see, for example, a movie about an interesting social problem? Which is interesting to see the character as a tortured dog on the hook, being dragged to the knacker's yard? Or laugh at something cute, or just relax? No, not heard, our screenwriting courses about is not told.

Our master, too, only read American guru, who create films for disadvantaged young people from the criminal American areas, and they such queries are not affected.

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