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Can, dear. Yes, but first clean up the rooms... clean the window, RUB the floors, whitewashed the kitchen

Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

It is considered that if you mom or dad was attached to his work, is a solid Lafayette and idleness, for which you receive a large salary.

somewhere really, but a month ago I retired from the firm owned by my mother, and now work for the man. Stupid? Refused freebies?

That looked like my "freebie".

At my old job I got laid off, and my mother, kind soul, offered to work with her. Before that we had a good relationship and I naively decided that to work it will be easy and pleasant. But...

at First did not put two days off a week. No, technically they were, but to devote Saturday and Sunday to himself and his Affairs became impossible. Mother would call at seven in the morning on Saturday and to clarify the details of some case, which is scheduled already for Tuesday. To pull me from a late night party — a Holy cause. And no matter what I was not quite sober, it is important to urgently check last year's reports.

the Answer to all my questions was: "In business are no days off!"

Vacation? In February. Because the whole year is already planned between employees. Okay, not going anywhere, because in Russia in February have nowhere to go, and in Europe — no matter what. On the first day of vacation at exactly 7.30 am the phone rang: "Dooce, you're still on vacation to do nothing? Meet the consultant at the airport in an hour!" Going. Food. Mother. Meet. Bring to the destination and it turns out that the honored guest, after all the consultation you need to show the city. To go home makes no sense, so I'm sitting in the office. "Oh, and riddle me this until a few letters. Well anyway not doing anything". The consultation ends, carry the honored guest for lunch — the food is, of course, at their own expense — then ride, then back to the restaurant, then taking him pretty drunk on a plane.

And all this despite the fact that we have a regular driver, it's his job to carry and deliver. But the boy is busy, and I have nothing better to do on vacation.

after a week's vacation ends, although was supposed to last a month. Reason — need to replace another employee who is on vacation. And anything that I leave?! And, I'm in town and I, as we have seen, have nothing to do. All right, grumble, but go to work. It turns out that for the next two weeks I'll be taking accountant, though do not have a clue about this job. Here I stood in a pose, saying he did not want to go to jail. I studied engineering, so all these financial Affairs for me — a Chinese puzzle. This round I won. But in the break off they did not let me.

so for six months from the buyer of construction equipment, I became a "tyredog", whose position in the company is lower than the cleaners.

to move the chairs from one office to another? Why distract laborers, when there is a "tyredog"!

you Need to install the software on the PC? Anycast busy, and "tyredog" may be distracted.

to thwart the irritations of the day? "Tyredog" to the rescue.

I have suffered for my mom because I know how difficult it is to own a business, especially a woman. But my patience came to an end when she asked to replace the bottle in the cooler. I badly turned, and badly pulled my back, so that neither bend nor unbend I couldn't. It was the first time I took sick. I thought I might be able to lie down, but Friday night mom called and was "pleased" me because on Saturday we all our friendly team go to sports facilities. Then I just yelled:

— Mom, what base?! I once again can't budge!

In response, of course, I get the screaming and the accusations that ratting on team-building.

My man, with whom I live, silently took my phone and turned it off, saying that he had had enough — either I quit or he puts me in the clinic of neurosis, because it is impossible to live.

I knew he couldn't. As soon as I was able to move I came to work and wrote a statement of their own. In the process of firing, I took a few more circles of hell to the extent that the mother threatened to fire under, to hang on me shortage to burn my work book and call all potential employers, that in any case did not take me to work.

But in the end I still managed to quit and it's a completely different life. For a week I finally cured my sore back, and then got a job in another firm, where the head — he was still shifty, but at least know what the labor laws.

With the mother I've been, but then she called me. Later I apologized, but then said mocked me for educational purposes, to show that in adult life no one make a fuss with me.

I'm 25 years old. I have long been living like an adult and don't expect someone to treat me like something special. I changed three jobs, I know what it's like to work. And educate me later. Everything she made — completely broken relationships, because I have no desire to communicate with her.

if I Tried to talk to her and do something to mitigate the situation? Oh yeah. Out history has left a sleepover with brandy and tears of bitter female sudbinushke, PEP talks, attempt some sort of joint leisure, not work-related. But all was in vain.

That zadolbali? Not even the mother with her quirks and games in the mistress of the sea, and dismissive attitude to those who work with their parents. Before signing, go to start, in my moccasins.

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