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Then for God's sake, son, don't touch anything, don't change a thing

Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali improvers of all, who have forgotten the principle "works — do not touch."

we had an excellent pizzeria, where we loved to go with friends. Delicious food, reasonable prices, interesting interior — beautiful! The school enjoyed great popularity, until one day the owner decided to turn it into a pretentious expensive restaurant. I don't know what he was thinking. Probably that time people have worn here the track, and then continue to walk, but to pay for it already absolutely other money. The result is sad — the restaurant lasted only a few months, and then finally closed, because young people and students were willing to eat pizza for 300 rubles, but the steaks over 1200 no.

one More pleasant place. Was. Once. I still remember how we loved to go to this restaurant because it was located on the sixth floor of the Mall and it had a beautiful view of the city centre. But whose bright head got the idea to turn it into a so-called DJ-café, and stay there, under constant loud and extremely cheesy", tunc-tunc-tunc" was absolutely impossible. And again, the institution closes.

Favorite Barber. After the upgrade from there fled all the customers because the hostess decided that there will not just be cut and painted, and to do it super-creative. Prices, of course, also skyrocketed. And now, almost a year in its accustomed place just a sad sign "rent a room", and I could hardly find a new good master.

And so it was many more where. Yes, I understand that the owner wants to make their business more money, but why do something that definitely will cause damage and destruction? If people go to the pizza place is the pizza, then they are willing to pay for it and want to eat here is the pizza. What are the options increase profits with pizza? Expand the space, to open another, without changing the General style and range. And everyone would be happy — the owner would expand the business, and people would have a place to go after work to enjoy a delicious dinner.

No! It is necessary to go VA-Bank, deep into debt, then to stay with nothing.

But to be honest, I do not care for the problems of the businessman. My problem in this case is that I want to go to a nice cafe, convenience store, beauty salon etc. we have a small Town, so the range of such institutions is also small. And I zadolbali that this is just to get used to something good, it immediately ends.