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Zadolba!whether 21.05.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I suddenly badly scratched the story of a native Muscovite. Not in content, I — the man in Moscow any wages does not entice.

But the form of expression of disappoint. Don't know why, but it was at Muscovites there are some wild stereotypes about the rest of Russia. The presence of a civilization recognizes a stretch for Peter, and the rest of the country draws the most dark and dirty colors.

these people were astonished — don't know feigned or sincere — coming in the third largest city of Russia and discovering there, oddly enough, the usual large city. While I quite seriously asked if I am afraid to go in the evenings because of Gopnik. Ay, we have no portal in the 90s! I'm drinking beer with seeds over the past decade has seen 2-3 times in the mass celebrations. Yes, and it was immediately clear that it's not in the city, and belonging to the lumpen.

But in stories of dissatisfaction with newcomers such stereotypes is one of the key points. There is absolutely no guarantee that those drinkers, "rustic shameless" giving comments and wash up bones as "the grandmother on the bench in the Outback" really exist only among the "newcomers".

Wake up, around Moscow there is a special energy field that protects born of barbarism. Normal city, except that the crowd more tightly, the longer the tube, shops and cultural institutions are bigger, but the prices are higher. The inhabitants of this city does not radically differ from the visitors, except, apparently, less motivation to vpachivani for wear.

Annoying when at the beginning they say that "good or bad people can be, regardless of place of birth", and then dumped on the head of the stereotypes on this theme.