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The cash nexus vs unselfish personal relationships

Zadolba!whether 22.05.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Everyone knows about the right way to lose a friend, borrowing money? I was such a debtor after the birth.

a Friend traditionally invites to a birthday party at the parent cottage. With a desire to get a gift or money in an envelope. Only here each time for the total company it is also the obligation "to create a party for him". In previous years it was:

1) instead to go for the products on the list;

2) to go for groceries without a list, on the go inventing a menu;

3) to go for groceries without a list and to be guilty of that products bought at a smaller company than were invited (but the birthday boy is partisan is silent about the number of guests);

4) wash imported vegetables, fruits, meat to marinate in the uncomfortable summer conditions, although the products were stockpiled at the birthday boy in the apartment;

5) cut the salad and cover with a festive table, because the birthday boy's feet — a small child who hangs forever on one, then on the other parent.

the Person does not want to write the list of products does not want to count the hungry mouths that do not want to cook, but want a holiday without the slightest effort. All of this is normal, when consider this just a friendly help. Before I received birthday wishes to chip in addition to a gift and the holiday table in full.

And that the birthday boy, I think the hole in the budget? Hungry children on the benches? You, far from it. There goal is to stay in the black at any cost. The birthday boy rejected the option on their own to make the city an intimate tea party and the may barbecue is not positioned as his birthday. Because otherwise, it does not good to sit on the neck friends, dangling his legs.

have Prepared a festive table? Well done, and now pay for the table!