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For all of the old against all that is new

Zadolba!whether 22.05.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I would Like to continue oculocutaneous zadolbalo from a different angle.

I'm over thirty, and when you come to parents or prepare something for their arrival at home, or mention in conversation, cooking some meals, you constantly hear the puzzled: "You do not eat!" — or — "You're not in love!"

Imagine, honey, onion in a salad can be crumbled microquake a few millimeters, and then I eat it. You have the same bow is always playing exclusively in rings the thickness of a finger. Yes, these peeces, I don't like so far, but for some reason you now think that I'm just a kid acting smart, but actually won both happy to eat the onion. The type of bow he's in any kind of bow?

Yes, mom, I put garlic in some dishes. But in the form of the whole head, which gives all the flavor, and then removed, or wishing to eat it, or in the trash. And do not blame: "But my chicken with garlic always refused to eat, in spite of what? Over the very same garlic you use". Chicken my you stuffed chopped garlic, and dig all this mess then it was impossible. Don't you think that these are two different types of cooking?

Even makaroshek I refused often. Why? Maybe because we bought the cheapest, dissolve into a mess that was unpleasant to eat? And it is still the parents take the cheapest, not because of lack of money, but just on principle "so they're all the same, why pay more?" But not the same. My pasta cost half as much but retain their shape well and I love them. But, in your opinion, I just did not know in childhood that I wanted, so didn't eat what I eat all the rest.

I Have always at home to eat apples and I eat them daily. Surprised? Well, still, in childhood and once a week me and the piece was not to cram. Open secret: in addition to the small "home" sour apples we can always buy a big green. Or apples, like pasta, are all the same?

I have at least twice a week make soup, but not the strange color with all sorts of vegetables and spices, where a spoon is just chicken or beef broth with minimal ingredients. Remember, mother, I have always loved the broth, and all the "pulp" left in the plate. Now a couple slices of carrots and potatoes I love to eat along with a portion of the "transparent water". No, it's not my vision for the soup has changed over the years, but just have the opportunity the soup itself initially to do according to your taste.

And it is not always the case in the absence of range or lack of money. It's just the stereotypes, habits, sit in the head and not allow you to get there something new. And when someone nearby is doing a little differently and bingo! — starts to have unpleasant earlier products, it is always perceived as an insult to all previously cooked. It is not necessary to relate, please.

And do not zadalbyvat relatives, especially children, culinary preferences only, as you used to.