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Only heard the heart-rending cry of desperate Housewives

Zadolba!whether 22.05.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Woman, honey, why did you decide that if you do zamordowany life, and so did everyone else?

If your husband is unable to wash a dish and shake it from scraps, it doesn't mean that other men are the same. If you have the whole evening "gather at the table", and then one night fumble in the kitchen, it just means that the way you have organized life in your own home. You suggested to that man to ask his wife how it really is distributed household duties?

now, though I am not his wife, but will gladly tell you, how you doing with the life situation in my family. Prepare we and optional. Sometimes we come up with something together, sometimes we prepare every man for himself. Breakfast is standard for a husband, if I Wake up at the same time. Utensils used during cooking, washes the one who cooked. The dishes after a meal wash over each other. Shared washing dishes whoever last used it. The kitchen, the stove and work surfaces, washes the one who spilled.

the Cleaner entirely on the husband. It's hard for me to get it out of the closet and drag here and there, but my husband is not hard. Mopping floors there. Bath and toilet fully on me. With an abundance of modern cleaning products is not difficult and takes only 15 minutes per week. Window washing husband — I'm afraid of heights. Curtains can be removed for washing and putting back together — alone to do this hard. The shake-up of the rugs and wiping different surfaces — optional, anyone noticed the dust, and rubbed.

the Laundry is mainly engaged in husband, I badly imagine as it is turned on the washing machine. What is to wash the socks of my husband, I have no idea, honestly. There is a basket for dirty linen, when it is filled with our common efforts, the husband charges the machine, and it erases. Difficult stains off your clothes everyone brings for himself. Delicate things that require hand washing as well. Clean underwear in the dryer to be sorted and hung together. Bed linen is also replaceable together so quickly.

the Order on their shelves every suggests itself. Still not enough — to touch other people's things! What else is there? Shopping? In the nearest supermarket usually I go, but nothing heavy, of course, I'm not even to the car. In the wholesale base and for food for animals goes husband.

Oh Yes, animals. Feed and fillers fully on the man with a dog walks the husband, feed the animals, too, husband. So, it seems that the whole life. If something is forgotten, then it is irrelevant.

In marriage we are, if anything, for eight years. This distribution of responsibilities has evolved since the first days of life together, and continues successfully to this day. Want the same? I'm afraid that you're the first and sacudase that worthless "real man" himself pants to wash and MOP to run.

So here's my advice. Before moaning about the household weight is shouldered on the shoulders of poor women, think that not all women allow themselves to be used in the role of Cinderella and polomoek.

Man — he is not a disabled household, and with household chores is well able to handle himself. Why some women men do unload with household duties, participating fully in their implementation. Many friends, husbands and even children are great, imagine that!

I sincerely wish to, and you have opened my eyes. Then you will understand that the contribution of each in the joint life can be equal. And yet — I don't wanna whine, complain, but continue to maintain a healthy working man.