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Nice talking to you.

Zadolba!whether 22.05.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

"How to save a relationship? Very simple! You just have to speak and to speak directly to your partner that you are not satisfied with something, and then you can easily find a compromise!"

That's usually the sound of this Board. Yes, in spherical relationships in a vacuum, he could be working. But in an imperfect — not always.

When I was just starting to meet this wonderful man, he told me: "If something goes wrong, just tell me!" But at first it was because the butterflies in your stomach, the honeymoon period and the euphoria shut off critical thinking. It all started when we moved in together (in my area).

to be honest, I don't have any wild problems regarding life. I'm not a fanatic of purity, I can throw things on the floor, unable to wash the dishes at the weekend to stop cleaning, etc. In the food do not bother, you can even dine with beer and salt fish. So that to the chosen one I don't have unrealistic demands on this account.

But still was in our joint life the things that irritated me.

I honestly tried to talk on this subject, but all these conversations were over, and before he could begin: "I'm tired. Don't take my brain. Tomorrow," etc. In the end, with all household matters I was handling it, sometimes called the master, but still angry. Why people that lives in this apartment, also uses this equipment, a stove, a balcony may not contribute to the maintenance of dwellings in good shape?

Well, God bless him with the life. I would forgive his beloved rughooputh home if this is more than offset by other things.

for Example, joint training, which lasted a couple of months after we moved in together. We used to go to concerts, in cafes, just a walk, but then it ended. Yes, I love to watch a movie for a good beer, but not every day! When I suggested to diversify our leisure time, I heard the old record: "Tired, do not want, will not, can not tolerate the brain." Okay, honey, relax. Maybe you will please me tonight?

yeah, right. Yes, at first everything was great — the passion, mutual desire to give pleasure, but then again, zilch. "I don't want, tired, make it quick". And sometimes it was stupidly painful. I tried to talk and discuss what we both like in bed and what not, but again, I kicked with the words: "it works for Me, maybe you have something wrong?"

In General, it was our new principle: "I'm fine, but if you don't like something — it's your problem".

That's the talk, here and discussed all the pressing questions of life together, yeah. In the end it looked like this: content man and stupid woman-hysterical, carrying his brains.

At one point I was fed up and I kicked the boyfriend out, and again left to blame — drove a normal guy, here are these women stupid, do not know what they want! I just wanted to listened to me.

Yes, I admit, in some pairs, this method works, but it is not necessary to consider it a panacea for all relationship problems. In the end, it makes sense to talk when you are ready to listen.