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The mortgage was not given themes of the day 19.05.2019 at 21:01

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Russians "slowed down" mortgage loans. The conversion rate of approved applications declined to a record low of 25%.

"increase in the number of mortgage loans, which we saw in the last few years, is slightly reduced. Analysis of the incoming flow of requests showed that in March 2019 marked a record low take rate (the conversion rate of approved requisitions), compared to 25% when the average is 40%," — said General Director of "Equifax" Oleg Lagutkin.

Less really is more

that the interest in mortgage lending has declined, according to Central Bank data. Thus, in January — March, Russia had issued 284 thousand mortgage loans amounting to 618 billion roubles.

Number of mortgage loans at the beginning of this year decreased by 5%, and the total amount is increased by 6%.

"Equifax" indicate that increased average loan amount. "Increasing the average amount of loans issued to purchase real estate. In the first three months of 2019 it amounted to 2.46 million rubles, which is 23% more than in the first quarter of 2018. Taken together, these factors may say that lenders began to carefully approach the issue of evaluating the potential of a borrower, preferring to give more money to reliable customers," says Lagutkin.

"the conversion rate of approved claims for the credit could be reduced due to the fact that borrowers temporarily postpone the purchase of apartments in anticipation of lower rates. In addition, customers could not meet the validity period of the approved applications because of long searches of a suitable property," notes associate Director on Bank ratings "Expert RA" Catherine Shurigina.

the decision to postpone the mortgage loan affects the debt load and lack of prospects, adds the General Director of "Ivolga Capital" Andrey Khokhrin. "Today there is excessive debt load of the population, the amount of arrears of Russians to banks is estimated at 14.9 trillion rubles. In recent times, the number of delinquencies on the payment of loans by the citizens. Of course, due to the fact that a long time fall, the real incomes of Russians", — he said.

it is Necessary to take into account that there has been a change of conditions from banks, indicates the General Director of "Biznesprom" Pavel Samiev. "Banks almost stopped issuing mortgage with low down payment, in addition, become more rigorously assess income and ability to pay. So some tightening by the banks has occurred. As for borrowers, it is possible that you get the final offer from the Bank, they understand that the conditions do not fit into their expectations. It is also possible that applications can be submitted to several banks, the borrower chooses the more attractive one, and the Bank records the failure, and the second gives the loan," says Samiev.

Grocery widget the Borrowers do not deserve approval?

the Banks, in turn, argue that they do not change their approaches to the assessment of borrowers and are focused on the growth of mortgage portfolios.

According to the Bureau, the level of approval of mortgage applications in the first quarter of 2019 was 72%, which is 8 percentage points less than in I quarter of 2018. Interviewed representatives of banks ("Open", VTB, Absolut Bank, IBC) say about not tightening the requirements for borrowers and make loans consistently. So, VTB following the results of I quarter of 2019 made 61 thousand mortgage transactions totaling $ 148 billion. Compared to the same period last year, sales increased by 53%. The size of the mortgage portfolio of VTB as of April 1, amounted to more than 1,464 trillion.

"we Have the approval rate of applications in the first quarter is 65-75% depending on the category of the client and acquisition channels. In comparison with last year this indicator practically has not changed. No stricter requirements were not. The main reason the Bank rejects the application, is a bad credit history, other reasons are personal," says the managing Director of the mortgage Bank "Opening" Anna Yudina.

the Banks are doing everything possible to facilitate access to mortgage loans, the Director of digital technologies GC "MIEL" Julia Fedoseeva. "Now available in a variety of forms of income verification, and the rate on the loan, as a rule, this setting has no effect. "Easier" set of documents for scoring, and the form of information provision contains the minimum information and is committed to universal for all market participants. This was possible also thanks to the integration gateways with other organizations and agencies. Created web services for samooborony — user now, not being a specialist in lending can apply and get the loan yourself," she says.


According to information-analytical Department of the, in the II quarter of 2019 most banks have lowered mortgage rates and launches new deals. "First of all, they've been tweaking the conditions of the refinancing of mortgage loans of other banks and terms family mortgages, which rate was fixed by the government for the entire term of the loan at the rate of 6% per annum (the number of banks now attract borrowers, giving these loans at a rate below 6% per annum, subsidizing part of the bet). As of the moment, the average mortgage rate, according to our observations, is of the order of 10.3% per annum", — says the expert on credit products of the Inna Soldatenkov.

According to samieva, until the fall reasons to change rates not. "We will have a period when rates will be stable. In the short term there are no preconditions as to increase and decrease. Before the next move in the key rate mortgage rates will not change," he says.

"According to our forecast, until the end of the first half of 2019, the significant changes in mortgage rates on the market will not. The prospects of reducing them can appear in the second half of the year if the Bank of Russia will switch to easing monetary policy and lowered the key rate", — says Ekaterina Shurygina.