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Forum on electronic payment systems on the Internet will take place in Moscow on June 29 press releases 20.05.2019 at 06:58

Banking and financial news on the website

The Forum will bring together representatives of banking and financial institutions, payment systems, prominent industry experts and entrepreneurs. The forum will be a panel discussion, will be themed tracks and reports of experts, training course on "Electronic payment systems in the Internet", at the end of the forum forum participants enjoy a concert.

the forum was organized by the Institute of the digital economy and law. The event page: www.itseip.rf/pages/forum.html

the program of the forum:

panel discussion on electronic payments via the Internet payment systems, Bank cards about the difficulties of acquiring electronic, security of payments, protection of funds and prospects of development of payment systems. To participate in a panel discussion of invited top managers of leading banks, author of the book "Electronic payments in the Internet" Dmitry artimovich; thematic reports and tracks the banking, financial institutions and payment systems; presentation of the training course "Electronic payments in the Internet", the author of the course Dmitry artimovich; the first reading course for first students from among the participants of the forum that will receive the digital certificate of the Institute of Economics and law on completion of the course and improving competence; concert programme; coffee breaks and buffet lunch; networking, communication.

the Forum will be interesting and useful to visit:

entrepreneurs doing business on the Internet, owners and managers of the online-shops, websites in charge of receiving payment for goods and services; employees of the acquiring banks, financial institutions and payment systems; accountants, economists and lawyers who wish to expand their knowledge on electronic payments; representatives of the media, banking, financial topics; ordinary consumers purchasing goods and services to cardholders; students.

the Participation in forum will allow you to get the knowledge to pass the course D. Artimovich "Electronic payments in the Internet".

the advantage of the course is a unique volume of practical knowledge based on years of experience of the authors of a course in payment systems, little-known facts about the operation of payment systems, the possibilities of cancellation of payment and refund of the real value of electronic payments and how to protect their funds from fraud.

This is the first course in Russia on electronic payment systems on the Internet, the amount of information received by students in the course, is unique.

Each student receives a textbook "Electronic payments in the Internet" and sponsor recruitment. At the end of the course the certificate of the Institute of the digital economy and the right of listen to the course, indicating knowledge and expand the competence of the listener. The course is held in a comfortable hall in the framework of the forum and consists of two lecture blocks with a break for coffee break.

On the issues of participation, performances, partnership and sponsorship, visit the event page on the website ITEIP or to the organizing Committee of the forum: