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Investors in Latin America monitor the development of trade question

Forex Club 24.05.2019 at 07:00

Latin American investors are watching the developments in trade relations between the US and China.

Despite the fact that the parties constantly claim that they are open to new trade negotiations with each other, while no new parties does not occur and the tension remains high.

After the Chinese company Huawei has been blacklisted from the United States,

a number of Japanese, American and British companies have announced the suspension of cooperation with it. In particular, Google has already suspended cooperation with Huawei in the areas of transmission equipment and technical services, except those that are publicly available under an open source license.

market Participants fear that in a short time in the American black list can get other Chinese companies.

it is Also again the question arose about the increase of profitability of US bonds. Now investors prefer to buy the relatively safe US treasuries and to sell stocks due to worries about the economy and trade tensions.

news From the inner region, it is possible to note the fact that

the US has made Venezuela to the list of countries, export to which may pose a threat to American national security interests. This deals another blow to the economy of this country.

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