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World markets fall on continued pessimism on trade issues

Forex Club 24.05.2019 at 12:46

World stock markets mostly lower on pessimism about trade relations between the US and China, although the US President Donald trump with his statements somewhat reassured investors.

US stocks Thursday fell within 1.6% amid widening fears of investors about the escalation of trade conflict between the US and China.

Investors are afraid that in addition to previously included in the us blacklist Huawei, soon can return to other Chinese companies. Now Huawei has big losses from this decision, as it stopped working for a number of American companies.

Despite the decline in U.S. indices to investors, there remains a good opportunity to capitalize on it, as did trader Forex Club, received the change of quotations of the Nasdaq more than 30 thousand dollars per day.

Asia stocks on Friday declined to 0.6% in major indices. European stocks, are trading in positive territory, as investors in the region have responded positively to the words of the President of the United States Donald trump about the possibility of a resolution of the situation with claims against Huawei.

According to him, the situation can be resolved within the framework of a General trade agreement with China, if it is to be concluded.

the Growth of the Russian stock market reaches 1% on the background of corrective recovery in world oil prices. Adds ruble by more than 30 cents as the dollar, the Euro and also due to the increase in oil prices.

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