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UAZ Patriot, 2017 Reviews 27.05.2019 at 11:37

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Good day. The car got because it was an interesting offer, with a great discount from the dealer, and long kept an eye on him. There were different pillows, many were discouraged. But as it turns out a large part of Mr..that said and written about this car not true. Picking the maximum except leather or (germanicia). At the moment mileage 7600, nothing rusted, fell off and broke. Although the car lives on the street. Since the purchase after driving from the cabin found not working right rear turn signal, ran over a light bulb... not guess, not connected train, connected himself 2 minutes in three days, dead battery, and really, charging did not take, I took a neighbor a week traveled on a 75-ke, its passed the warranty, poburchal dealers but still gave a new battery UAZ "Pro"warranty. There was a time with the Adjuster head light, some times will not shut down the middle, then it stopped, like it never happened... the steering Wheel slightly offset to the left a few degrees, but not critical at first THEN eliminate. From the first days in the habit to carry my keys for almost all the small nuts had to stretch myself. That's probably all.... on problems. In the beginning it seemed that the food on "raging Rhino", regular wheels at 18 inches, sitting up I look away. It seemed that the machine generally is not controlled and goes to his hallway, sometimes at speeds of over 90 was scary... But then I got used to, remembered skills as on the ZIL-131 DOSAAF went. There is a feature, still a big machine, a maneuver earlier you need to start. Lacks a sixth gear on the highway. Bridges do not make noise. Box clanks only when the hasty switch. Transfer case normal. Overall satisfied, a huge trunk, excellent permeability......

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