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Yet Another Conference: news

Blog Yandex 23.05.2019 at 15:10

Blog Yandex

Today in Moscow held Yet Another Conference, a large technology conference Yandex. This year the theme of the conference — "the Future is in the details." People used to think about the future as about a distant era, where everything is simple, convenient and automated — as in books of fiction. But if you don't have a time machine, to feel the future is quite difficult: the world is changing not once, but gradually. At YaC we spoke about the new developments of Yandex, which advance the future or create it right now.

Smart home

Smart home brings together dozens of devices from different manufacturers, from light bulbs to coffee makers that can be controlled by voice. Is responsible for this Alice. Tell her: "Make the air conditioning colder" or "Turn on the lights" and she will comply with your request. Or even: "Alice, I'm home" — and the room lights up from the speakers the music starts playing, and the kitchen included kettle. Read more in a separate post.

My stream

So that people do not spend on the film is longer than the view, we launched My broadcast. - This is a personal video channel that adapts to the interests of the audience: a fan of action movies it will show the fighter, the lover of history — documentary. The more often you watch the channel and add likes and dislikes, the more accurate the recommendations become.


a Module we called a mini-computer that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV and transmits to a big screen video of the app Yandex. Control Module voice — Alice on your team will put the film on pause or turn it up. The device is 1990 rubles and sold for Take. The customers Module will receive a free subscription to the "IMDb + Amediateka" for three months.

Cloud restaurants

We learned meals Yandex users and put their preparation to the stream. Made up great recipes, selected high-quality ingredients and agreed manufacturing to restaurants that have excellent ratings on Yandex.Food. The result is a cuisine of high quality at a low price with fast shipping. Cloud restaurants we connect to Yandex.Food this summer.

the New version Yandex.Auto

on-Board computers with Yandex will be able to connect to the car's systems. This opens up new opportunities for more accurate navigation through data from sensors on Board control from your smartphone — you can open the car without the key or remotely start the engine, as well as constant communication with the car: for example, if the car loaded on a tow truck, it will send the push.

Family subscription Yandex.Plus

In the Yandex.Plus there was a family rate: subscription to four people can be purchased for 299 rubles per month. It's much cheaper than four separate subscriptions for 169 rubles. Plus — full access to Yandex.Music, discounts on Taxi and Drive, additional gigabytes of Disk, free shipping of goods and Take the opportunity to watch more than 4,000 movies and TV shows on IMDb.

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