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What to do if there is no connection in MetaTrader 4/5 ?

Portal Forex trader 27.05.2019 at 09:20

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So, you open your favourite terminal MetaTrader 4/5, preparing to “break the market”, but instead of the usual strum sound you see in the lower right corner the sad inscription “No connection”.

it does not disappear. What to do in such cases? How to return the terminal to life? Let's face it.

Metatrader 4/5 is a program for the exchange of trade orders, quotes and news with a kernel located on remote online servers of the broker. If there is no communication, the trader loses access trading.

the Broker is interested in the client have uninterrupted opportunities to trade, so the client has access to multiple servers, and the trading platform can work in low speed Internet. The inscription "No connection" usually arises for the following reasons:

the Current version of the terminal is completely outdated, the update for any reason is not automatically passed; the User in spite of Microsoft's new Windows XP Crashing of the settings; the Account of the trader "captured enemies" or for some reason banned by the broker, the problem with the Internet connection; the Internet Connection goes through a proxy server provider.

the Below article presents some tips on how you can return to currency speculation, by eliminating the above problems of a disruption.

the recovery Options Metatrader 4/5 server broker

If the terminal is not connected to the broker server (the inscription in the lower right corner does not disappear even with repeated restart of the terminal), start with checking the Internet connection.

operating system sign network is displayed in the notification area of the dashboard the bottom of the screen. To accurately verify the connection to the world wide web on a computer or tablet, just open any website through an Internet browser, for example, last autumn .

If the cause of inactivity Metatrader 4/5 in the absence of Internet connection:

Check payment in the Personal account; Contact your provider for Troubleshooting.

After the sites begin to open, restart the terminal.

compatibility Issues of OS and Metatrader 4/5

Windows XP no longer supported by the developer of trading platforms, MetaQuotes Software Corp, the old version will continue to work, but any attempt to remove them, then reinstall Metatrader 4 will lead to the appearance of the inscription "No connection".

When downloading on the website of the broker will indicate that Windows 7 support MT4 no attempt to "conservatives" to find such version in the archives, too, will not lead to success.

the Problem is eliminated only by installing the new OS; alternatively, the startup of the terminal through the browser. Crashing on the side of the server broker

Broker or company that owns the data center periodic maintenance servers, which may lead to failure of the connection settings. This problem is solved by a trivial re-scan servers.

Click on the shaded rectangle with a diagonal, located in the lower right corner of the terminal (1); Run the option "rescan servers" (2); Select the server with the best connection speed (ping); Idle servers are denoted by the letters n/a.

Alternative and most effective way to "revive" the server and restore the connection settings is the way to create a new account in the terminal.

click "File" and select "Open an account"; Click "Scan" and wait until the program will check the health of servers; complete the account opening process by selecting the "Demo account".

After that you can restart Metatrader 4/5, selecting your real account. In 99% of cases the connection will be restored.

Problems connecting to servers Metatrader 4/5 due to lack of administrator rights or operations of antivirus software

If you have Internet connection the problem of the lack of communication can be solved by running the terminal as administrator. You need to click the right mouse button on the icon of MT4/5 and select the appropriate item in the popup context menu.

If the action has not led to recovery, then:

Restart the computer; Open the firewall settings window.

Select enable to interact with the application.

, Press the option (1) and find the path to the location of the distribution terminal.exe Metatrader 4/5. Click on the option "Browse" (2), go to the directory Program Files on drive C (3), select "terminal.exe" (4). Write the file to the exceptions list click "Add". Another common reason for the lack of communication terminal MT4/5 servers a broker can be a change or update antivirus. The last change in such programs contain code smart scan processes, negatively perceiving streaming quotes of the currency pairs.

to add Metatrader 4 to antivirus exclusions, please refer to the instructions of the developer because an individual configuration of the interface and the variety of types of programs.

Problem with Proxy

With the Internet and configured the firewall permissions and firewall (firewall) cause blocking direct access to the trading server of the broker is to use the provider proxy.

ISP service uses these proxy servers to control policy access to the world wide web and comprehensive protection of client computers from external attacks. Asking in Metatrader 4/5 server address of the broker, the client is not associated with them directly — the request goes to the proxy server provider.

Theoretically controlling the organization can, therefore, deny traders access to Metatrader 4, blocking the ip addresses of specific service providers Forex. Metatrader 4 platform can be configured to instead directly query the ip address of the broker gave the address to the private address of the proxy server that is not in the list.

If the trader is engaged in currency speculation as a hobby and trying to install a trading terminal to trade during your lunch break at work, communication may not be due to blocking access to port 443. Do the administrators of the local enterprise network to restrict access of employees to the Internet during working hours.

In both the cases described above for communication with the server will need a login, password and server address which can be obtained from the administrator or provider. Having these settings:

Start the Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, open the tools menu and navigate to option "Settings". Go to the tab "Server", tick "use proxy server" (1), click "Proxy". In the new window fill received from the data provider is:

note – at the end of the server address using a colon, write the address of the port. Also need to know in advance the type of proxy HTTP, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5.

If the provider or administrator refuse to give the address, in accordance with company policy or the prohibitions regulatory bodies, the trader would have to find a service proxy servers providing anonymous access to any Internet resources.

In this case, the user may use free or purchased addresses. When you purchase the proxy, the client receives a username, password, port and address. If you select the free proxy login and password, sometimes not. Select the address with high ping, for example, , enter it after the colon, by putting the port number (in this case 3128 ) and the HTTP server.

Leave the fields username and password empty, to verify that the addresses, click the option "Test" must appear the message "Test passed". After that, click OK, close all Windows and get to work.

to Find a free list server services like FineProxy or, but the use of such addresses is short-lived and can lead to a drop in speed, slow down quotes. There you can choose the paid version with stable parameters and static ip, which is very important, for example, when you participate in contests brokers.

the problem Frequently arises in Metatrader 4/5 is installed on the server of the broker, if a trader decided to use a VPS service.

the Broker can ban the real account of the trader in case of prolonged inactivity, the break in trade. In this case, for unlocking the account will help contacting technical support.


the Loss of communication often occurs when you first install the Metatrader 4. In other cases, it is either loss of Internet connection, either upgrade or install a new antivirus, reinstall OS etc. Either it's the nuances in the work of the VPS server.

In other cases, the problems can trigger new builds or failures on the server of the broker.

Then use the re-scan servers, especially paying attention to the "chip" — open demo account from under the terminal. Sometimes it is the only way through which started to work with a frozen trading platform, when not helped by other methods.

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