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All ever breaks, including smartphones and tablets. And there is banking application, personal photos, passwords, social networking. Tell how to protect your money and data in the event of failure.

the Inhabitant of Novosibirsk has asked the service center with a broken iPhone 6: the device burned from the cigarette lighter in the car. Master said that to fix would require replacing the motherboard as well as asking for a password to access the system. Fee has successfully replaced, the smartphone is earned and the client took it. And after a while his account in the savings Bank has written off 20 thousand rubles.

the Client made a few mistakes, said the lawyer of the company "Glazunov and Semenov" Vadim Pautov: took the old Board, told the password, and stored the PIN code to access the mobile banking application on the smartphone. The employee service center installed in your iPhone 6 motherboard the victim (apparently, the Board does not so require replacement, as described by the wizard), introduced given by the client the password I went to the app "Sberbank Online", and found the PIN in notes, transferred the money to the account of the brother, and then cashed.

Smartphones and tablets know a lot about their owners and have the property to break down unexpectedly. talked to security professionals and found out how to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the repair of mobile equipment.

Dangerous liaisons

Even if the phone just a few minutes fell into the wrong hands, it is impossible to completely guarantee the safety of your money and personal data. Now imagine the situation: the customer had brought the mobile in service and handed over to the master for a few days.

"there are definitely Risks, — the head of the research group mobile application security Positive Technologies Nicholas Anisina. The more so, as technical employee level of service is likely to be higher than the average person."

of Course, it's risky, says the head of the service center Dmitry Drugban. "In theory, the engineer of the service center often has full access to the device with all its passwords, personal documents, photographs and credit cards — says Drugban. And here comes to the fore the importance of the choice service center".

Users need to pay attention to the feedback on the wizard and his reputation, advises Anisina. Requests to disable the PIN code on the device or to inform his master must be alerted.

of Course, reading reviews online will help remove some of the risk, but does not guarantee that the phone will fall into "good hands".

Access denied

When communicating with the service center, it is important not to give the master anything unnecessary — from the point of view of "stuffing", and from the point of view of information.

my First piece of advice almost all the interviewed, experts: backup. Of course, when the phone is already broken, copy later, so preventive measure, but critical for safety. "If there is such a copy of you can always before taking the device to the "reset" gadget — says Dmitry Drugban. — And if you rent a "dead" machine, you can give the service permission to reset and not password". Thus, in the hands of any sensitive data will not fall. Enable file system encryption, says Nicholas Anisina. This feature is usually found in the settings of the gadget. New iOS devices provide encryption by default. On Android devices it is not necessary to enable debug mode via USB. Before putting in the repair of mobile devices do not forget to remove SIM card, recalls sales Director "Tele2 Moscow" Anton Zhukovsky. "It will allow to avoid unpleasant situations related to the theft of numbers from the phone book, use banking applications, calls to other cities and even countries without your knowledge" — says Zhukovsky. Write down the unique IMEI code of the device. It helps, if anything, to detect spoofing.


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