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Infographics release according to the exchange rate themes of the day 26.05.2019 at 21:03

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Over the past year the Turkish Lira sharply depreciated against the dollar by 33.3% (according to Bloomberg on may 23). The ruble also fell against the U.S. currency, but only by 4.9%: the devaluation of the Lira against the ruble still remains significant, and so over the past year the Russians became more profitable to stay in Turkey. The final benefit, of course, small, since a substantial part of it "eats" inflation in Turkey, which in April amounted to 19.5% in annual terms (in Russia, for comparison, 5.2 percent).

the analyzed ten currency of 16 of the most popular among Russians tourist destinations (according to the FSB and the ATOR for three quarters of 2018): Euro, Lira, Thai baht, UAE dirham, Tunisian Dinar, Bulgarian Lev, Vietnamese Dong Czech Koruna, Israeli new shekel, South Korean won. Only two of these currencies — the Thai baht and UAE dirham against the dollar has strengthened, the rest is devalued. Some (Turkish Lira, Tunisian Dinar, Korean won) depreciated against the dollar stronger than the Russian currency. Thai baht, UAE dirham, Vietnam Dong and the shekel had been more stable against the U.S. currency than the ruble, that is actually their exchange rate to the ruble increased. In other cases, the ruble and local currencies declined against the dollar about the same.

Instead, the amendments were introduced by inflation. For example, the ruble and the Euro against the dollar fell almost equally by 4.9%. However, Euro zone prices grew by an average of only 1.7% for the year in Russia by 5.2%. So, to spend in euros this year Russians became more profitable, albeit very little.

On the chart of the country was below the "line of money", best for Russian tourists. From a financial point of view, it is best to fly to Turkey, Tunisia and South Korea. On one level, the ruble was Israel and Vietnam, here, in terms of costs to the Russians for a year, nothing has changed. In the red zone proved to be only Thailand. Relatively low inflation and a slight strengthening of the baht against the dollar are not playing on a hand vacationers from Russia.

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