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The decision to increase the cost of visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico will not be canceled

Women's blog Apriori 28.05.2019 at 08:52

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The management of the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, located on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, propose compensatory measures to mitigate the effects of a sharp increase in the cost of visiting a popular tourist spot for foreign tourists.

Recall that the government of Yucatan has decided to raise the cost of visiting Chichen Itza for foreign tourists on 1 January 2019 (late — 1 February) with 242 to 480 pesos, or $25. It has caused sharply negative reaction of the tour operators, who even declared a "boycott" of Chichen-Itza.

the Main arguments of the operators about the rising cost of the visit was not announced in advance, while tours to Chichen-Itza sold for some months forward, and laid the old price of admission.

the Governor of the state of Yucatan Mauricio Vila promised the representatives of the so-called purchasing of tourist organizations, as "bonus" on the territory of the archaeological complex will be renovated toilets and offered other amenities, and sellers of Handicrafts in the medium term will be moved to a separate place.

But the new fees for visiting Chichen Itza will not be cancelled and they will be introduced from 1 February 2019. In response, tour operators have agreed to lift the boycott.

Tourists and tour guides often complained that the sellers of Handicrafts flooded archaeological complex, preventing the movement of tourist groups and causing his obsession the negative reaction of tourists. The tourist infrastructure of the area is almost not growing, despite the increasing flow of tourists.

according to the head of the Secretariat for the promotion of tourism in the state (Sefotur) Michelle Friedman, despite the boycott, in January 2019, the number of tourists at Chichen-Itza did not decrease, accounting for more than 1 thousand people a day, and even grew by 17 thousand people compared with January 2018.

in addition, approximately 30% of the total number of tourists in Chichen-Itza brings the German tour operator TUI, who did not join the boycott. Nevertheless, the government of Yucatan has seriously reacted to the claims of the tourist organizations.

in addition, the head Sefotur promised to strengthen control over "illegal" tours to Chichen-Itza, widely offered by street vendors in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

However, representatives of the tourism industry are skeptical about the last statement, stressing that any group tour, which now includes a licensed guide, can not be considered illegal.

And that street vendors tours maintain the flow of tourists at Chichen Itza at a high level in the offseason, when sold through a network of operators falls sharply.

For 11 months 2018 archaeological zone of Chichen Itza was visited 2.46 million tourists, of which 69.7% were foreigners.

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