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Careful, the police!

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 01.06.2019 at 18:13

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

Photo: Svetlana Videnova / "Novaya Gazeta"

You live in a modern European city on the North-West of Russia. One fine may evening you decide to eat and go to the store for seeds. But do not return home on time. What could go wrong? The rapid response team.

on may 28, about half-past eight in the evening 17–year-old Vadim Koval left the house for five minutes and disappeared for two hours. At half past ten the employee 80 of the police Department in the town of Kolpino, using the phone of a teenager, told his relatives that it can be picked up from the Department, which he got for shoplifting.

I can already see how angry the skeptics are ready to admit the young man guilty in all what he could be charged just the same they won't delay! Possible. But relatives found Vadim in blood and vomit around.

the statement drawn up by the cashier of the store "Family" on the embankment of the Komsomol canal says the following:

"the Unknown citizen in the store provoked a scandal. Roared loudly, shouted, waved hands, has started a fight, was expressed by obscene abuse, repeated remarks did not react. His actions could cause harm to others".

According to Vadim's mom Olesia Koval, store employees suspected her son of stealing, he blocked the front door and called the rapid response team. Provided Olesya video recordings from surveillance cameras she had not noticed that her son was stealing, but saw that "he lies face down on the floor, men in big boots stepping on his feet, the son opens his mouth, apparently, says something. Of course, he does not lie like a dead man moves his arms, behaves as any man trample underfoot".

Photo: Svetlana Videnova / "Novaya Gazeta"

As you can see, the statement of the employee "Family" is not a word about the theft — she came later. According to Vadim, from the store, he was taken to the 80–th the police Department, whose officers took away his mobile phone and ignored his words that he is a minor. Instead, the police began beating him, demanding to confess of committing shoplifting. Warning Vadim on recently remote hernia also remained without attention.

Despite this, the son was beaten in the stomach, causing vomiting. For two hours, beaten on the face, head, breast, back, buttocks. Threatened to rape with a rubber truncheon.

However, Vadim is in no way confessed. Police took his fingerprints and decided to give his grandmother a receipt. Here's how she describes what he saw in the police Department:

In the office I was greeted by three police officers and a girl in civilian clothes, — told the "New" Svetlana Garnenkov, grandma Vadim.

"in front of them sat my grandson, covered in blood — and his face and clothes. The table in front of him was also covered with blood and vomit on the bench and on the floor — blood. On the wrists Vadik was buttoned cuffs and hands behind his back".

Photo: the family of Vadim Koval

Later, Vadim's mom and grandmother left the police Department without a Protocol and went to the emergency room, where teenagers were taken by ambulance to the 19 th children's hospital in St. Petersburg.

As you remember, in the shop Vadim went for seeds. But what he was in the Department of neurosurgery, where there is still:

— concussion

— the closed trauma of a thorax,

— the closed trauma of a stomach,

— bruises and hematomas of the face,

— swelling of the left century,

— multiple abrasions

— bruising back and buttocks,

— bruised left knee composition,

— osadenie wrists.

Olesya Koval wrote applications in Prosecutor's office and the Investigative Committee to investigate the incident and prosecute the police officers involved in the crime against minors.

the Marks of handcuffs on his hands Vadim Koval.

Photo: the family of Vadim Koval

by the Way, in another recent case of torture in the police Department a few days later a criminal case was opened. In Nizhny Novgorod police taken to the police drunk woman, Marina Bakhvalova that right in the corridor handcuffed to the seat, twisting the hand and insulted. After reporting for local journalists and the public "police digest" published the video, shot apparently by a police officer immediately after the arrest Bukhvalova where she swears and calls himself pregnant. It later turned out that the pregnancy she invented, but its mention did not affect the actions of the police. By the way, most voted in polls of the public on the legality of the actions of the police were on their side. But despite all attempts to denigrate the woman who had tormented her against the police has opened a criminal case:

Senior police Sergeant in violation of the Federal law "On police" have committed acts far beyond the limits of his authority. Namely illegally used against women physical strength, turning down her right arm behind her back causing her physical pain. A criminal case under paragraph a) of part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code "abuse of authority by an official committed with application of violence".

I Hope the torturers Vadim Koval will also receive their ugolovku — his injury is much more serious abuse suffered by Marina bukhvalova. But all these actions are equally illegal and must be severely punished in Russia no torture can not be. And especially by those who are supposed to protect.