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European markets remain under pressure of trade issues and domestic problems

Forex Club 03.06.2019 at 07:04

European stock markets remain under pressure due to heightened geopolitical risks. In addition to the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump on the introduction of import duties on all goods from Mexico, they are still quite pessimistic on the background of the ongoing trade conflict between Washington and Beijing. From June 1, entered into force new duties on China imports from the US amount of 60 billion measure was a response to the decision of the us authorities to raise taxes from 10% to 25% on Chinese imports totaling about $ 200 billion. This suggests that, despite numerous promises, the parties are unable to agree with each other.

Continue to restrain the growth of the European markets and concerns over the Italian economy. This country faces a fine from the European Commission in the amount of 3.5 billion euros due to the situation of Italian public debt. The EU, in turn, said that Italy should reconsider the situation with the budget, because the idea to increase the deficit has only exacerbated the state of the economy, which is now growing the slowest in the region.

one More burning problem in Europe is still not resolved the question of Brexit. After the announcement of the resignation of the current Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, the leader of the race for her seat is the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, is known as a supporter of Brexit “no transaction”.

Theresa may will formally leave his post as head of the British conservative party on 7 June.

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