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Overview: the world markets are about trade relations between the US and China

Forex Club 03.06.2019 at 15:01

In world stock markets on Monday 3 June is mainly negative dynamics of stock indices. Investors fear the escalation of a trade war between the US and China.

From June 1, China raised tariffs on American goods with a total volume of 60 billion dollars a year. The President of the United States Donald trump after the recent increase of duties on Chinese annual import volume of 250 billion dollars instructed to begin the process of raising duties on other imports from China of approximately $ 300 billion per year.

the state Council of China said that the us side bear full responsibility for all the failures in trade negotiations. All of this takes place in terms of American restrictions on Chinese high-tech companies.

US stocks against this background, in the beginning of the us session was mostly reduced to the extent of 0.7%. Western European stock indices on Monday evening lost 0,1–0,2% from the start of trading. Regional markets, in addition to assessing shopping news, analyze the reports that the German high-tech company Infineon Technologies will buy its us rival Cypress Semiconductors around 9 billion euros.

the Euro against the dollar in the evening trying to get an advantage in the correction. Support for the Euro came from a weak macroeconomic statistics across the USA. The may index of business activity in industry of the USA (ISM Manufacturing) fell to 52.1% from April's 52.8 per cent, the experts predicted the increase of the gauge to 53%.

Thus, the volatility of the main currency pair remains, and one of the traders Forex Club could earn per day is about 8.5 thousand dollars on short positions on EUR/USD.

To 17.32 GMT, the Euro rose relative to the previous fixing within 0.1% and amounted to 1,1205 dollar.

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