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04.06.2019 00:06 : In Moscow will open a monument to victims of the Holocaust. The take part in the ceremony, the President of Russia

News | Moscow Echo 03.06.2019 at 21:06

News on the echo of Moscow

Architectural composition in memory of the heroes of the resistance in the concentration camps and ghettos will appear in the courtyard of the Jewish Museum and tolerance center near Marina grove. The first stone at the beginning of last year was laid by Vladimir Putin and his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

were sent about a hundred applications. Won the project of the architect of the Saratov Oleg Fandeeva. His work represents a high wall, broken in half, the base of which the fire and the trench with several small fountains. The composition is also integrated interactive screen with a map and information about the uprisings in the concentration camps and ghettos.

in addition to Putin at the opening it is expected representatives of the Jewish communities, government officials and foreign guests.

the monument gave Viktor Vekselberg. For its implementation took about 300 thousand dollars.

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