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The demand for the barricades

Full tape of POLIT.RU 04.06.2019 at 15:01

Full tape POLIT.RU

, "Levada-center" has witnessed an increase in the readiness of Russians to participate in the protests. Since February has increased the number of citizens who are ready to take to the streets against falling living standards and in defence of their rights and to join the protests with political demands. But most of the population still believe mass action is unlikely, and do not intend to participate in them.

the following conclusions can be drawn from the results of the held 24-29 may survey, "Levada-center". The study took place in the home of Respondent by personal interview, it was attended by 1616 people in 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Distribution of answers given in percentage of the total number of respondents, together with data from previous surveys.

current data on protests against falling living standards and in defence of their rights came to be 27% of respondents (versus 26% in February), to protest with political demands were acceded to 22% (against 20% in February). Despite this, a measure of the extent to which citizens believe the holding of mass protests, has decreased from 34% to 26% in the case of protests against the deterioration of living standards and from 28% to 24% — in the case of political protests.

the Protesters on triumph square /

the Majority of Russians — 87 percent — did not notice that in their city or neighborhood for the last 2-3 months did any protests. 69% of respondents consider such actions in their settlements unlikely and do not intend to take part in Political rallies or strikes called unlikely 71% of the respondents, 74% of respondents do not intend to participate in them.

during the interview people were asked about high-profile protests recently. 42% of respondents heard about the protests against the construction of the temple in Yekaterinburg, an additional 17% closely followed the developments. I first heard about the protests, 41% of respondents.The rally against the construction of the temple the Russians look more than the protests against the construction of the landfill Lies in Arkhangelsk and transfer the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya.

At the time of the survey for the first time about found out these shares 65% and 74% of the respondents. People are better informed about the protests themselves and more ready to protest.

"This is not just informing, but is of interest. The willingness to participate in the protests almost twice higher than usual, it is a clear sign nekanonicheskogo irritation. Usually ready to economic protests 17-20%, and now – 26-28%," — said the Director of "Levada-center" Lev Gudkov. In his opinion, those who are willing to participate in the protests, waiting for reinforcements from the others, the sociologist explains: "In turning their discontent in public, the fact is protection and effectiveness. Assessment opportunity of the protests lower than a year ago because then it was irritation due to pension reform."

the Rally / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Andrew Lubimov

"On the current agenda of the spring 2019 – the most intense time of the resonant protests. A specific protest events is traditionally more sensitive to policy than the potential preparedness," says the President of Fund "the Petersburg policy" Michael Vinogradov. In addition, the participation in protest can often be spontaneous, like any emotion, especially negative, the expert adds: "In General I would the scale of these protests are not exaggerated: it is too early to claim that one year of frustration and apathy ended with a request for protest actions".

Recall that last fall predicted performance on Bolotnaya square experts have warned about the preconditions for a new wave of protests in Russia.