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Rambo 5: Last blood (Rambo V: Last Blood) clips from movies 05.06.2019 at 03:00

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John Rambo was faced with an unexpected problem — post-traumatic stress disorder. In an attempt to cope with the demons of the past and forget about the countless murders that he begins to work on a ranch in Arizona, where caring about animals and trying not to remember the war. Now his closest friends — a girl Gabriella and her grandmother Maria. Gabriella, despite the entreaties of John and Mary, travels to Mexico to find his father and find out from him why he left the family many years ago. But it does not reach the goal and the path disappears without a trace. Rambo goes to find her and uncovers the activities of a criminal organization, a business of trafficking in women. Now Rambo has no choice but to again take up arms to save the girl and stop the bad guys.

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