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Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf 4 () clips from movies 05.06.2019 at 03:00

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Winter this year in the faraway Kingdom happened especially long and cold. Just like last year. And as the year before. But now, spring has come. Rather, almost came. With Blizzard, frost and snow. As usual. And was very sad our heroes — Ivan, Vasilisa the Gray Wolf and the King-father, if, together with almost-in the spring, came the news — in Tracematches Kingdom sasquatchy will host the annual song contest. Last year it won a hamster George, and whose voice will be steeper this time? The king decided that the Kingdom will represent the cat-scientist. Not one cartoon together, and still he about the book, forgot, screaming, more singing all day on the roofs, as befits a cat in March. And, of course, the entire company headed by Ivan and the Wolf goes to support the furry singer. After all, your need near. And that show business is a real snake, and who knows what dark forces are behind the insidious rivals and their quest to become a star.


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