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How scammers use the intercom? :.: Article 01.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Modern digital technology, in addition to advantages for convenience of using by them, have significant disadvantages. To advanced technology include so-called intercom systems for collective use. Before each high-rise building entrance door has a coded lock. If you don't have to it the magnetic "key" with the secret you can click on the number button of the desired apartment and after the response of tenants ask to open button on apartment handset intercom front door entrance. Very convenient! However, few people know that there are fraudsters on the credulity of individuals. Repeatedly described the simplest methods of deception. It would seem that there is no reason to repeat. But, alas, have to do it. The gullibility of some people is unbelievable. This is partly due to the fact that in Soviet times was considered the norm without further questioning, to admit to his apartment of the worker of municipal services or the employee's legal authorities. What, say, questions if people came? If you come from the housing Department, ask for ID!Photo: Depositphotos Typical technique today Scam — obzvanivanie residents through intercoms on behalf of utility workers with questions about the need for some assistance with the replacement or repair plumbing, counters, electric wiring and so on. If some apartment are asked to change something or repair, it come after a couple of hours, visiting the "problem" and ask for money to buy cheap but supposedly high-quality "materials" in the store. After that, they disappear with the money. Error apartment owners that they are not in any way doubted the authenticity of "masters". But it was enough to ask to show ID and call into the organization asking whether they are people. But over-confidence and the desire to solve the problem cheaply, prevail over prudence. This is an example of a classic divorce for money via intercom. The only feature of his that it focused mainly on seniors and people with disabilities who find it difficult to go anywhere, to leave a written request. If tenants have a key, turn demofonte: Depositphotos Intercoms now available in any apartment building, they are used by fraudsters to various ways of cheating. Usually the scammers work in pairs. Can have a fake IDs in fictitious names. The problem with cheating they always boil down to, forcing residents to take out and give money. If such a room does not pass, the "master" include an additional plan. It is also quite simple. Residents are encouraged to buy the company store (or warehouse) need for replacement or repair of the equipment, but more expensive and higher quality. Simply put, "the master" will come again, like, tomorrow and all set. And yet give the tenants money major false note. At the same time say how much it might cost. Fallen the free, the logic requires to take a bill and to give her "master" balance. Of course, real money. Of course, the store would refuse to take the product is a fake bill. Don't let strangers if no one is waiting!Photo: Depositphotos There is a third option use the intercom. Scammers operate in tandem and under the guise of social workers. While one distracts the victim, the second requested to be allowed to use the bathroom. But really walks to the next room and looking for possible values. Of course, to carry. The most effective way to avoid scams is not to let them in under any circumstances. If all the tenants to the combination lock in the entrance there is a "key", disconnect the apartment handset intercom. If you select no, never answer calls. Remember that any calls to your intercom system can result in excessive credulity of the unfortunate consequences. ...

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