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Dying Light 2: impact of decisions and the duration of the passage the latest news on games. 04.06.2019 at 11:28 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Techland has repeatedly said that players ' decisions will have a significant impact on the state of the world Dying Light 2. The portal Game Informer has shared concept art, which clearly demonstrates the difference between appearance one of the locations. The left side shows the world where the residents banded together and tried to rebuild the city. On the right we see the consequences of providing power one of the factions. More telling is the creative Director of Adrian Ciszewski: "panorama of the city shows the potential consequences of the decisions of the player, it will make playing Dying Light 2 . Who will he support? The survivors, normal people trying to lead a quiet life, one of the factions with their own plans, or maybe yourself? All depends on the player". The creators say that we are waiting for two main factions and neither one is "good" and two behind-the-scenes group. Videos are played from first-person to affect the personal feelings of the player. On the question of the duration of passing of game designer Timon Smektala says: "This is the most difficult question, especially in the case of this game. A huge sandbox, full of tasks and side activities. The most sincere and safe response – it corresponds to the duration of other AAA open world games. In Dying Light 2 we can play several times, and each subsequent transition will look different. One of our fans spent the first part 4500 hours. I think "deuce" will give him the same number of hours".