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A television series based on the Halo – "Game of thrones" without incest the latest news on games. 04.06.2019 at 15:42 ( - all about the world of computer games.

One of the leaders of the Studio 343 Industries Kiki of Wolfkill in the podcast AIAS Game Maker's Notebook said that the creators of the Halo series, draw inspiration, including "Game of thrones". "It's hard to pick up analogue project Halo. We talk a lot about "Game of thrones" especially when it comes to scale, scope and complexity of the relationship. A large part of the history of Halo in a sense, is a political drama. In games addresses these issues superficially, but you may know them better from other sources. Some of the points made in the spirit of "Game of thrones" very interesting," said Wolfkill. However, fans of "Game of thrones" will not see the Halo television series for the incest. "Incest in the series won't, I can assure you that. If you are looking for something like that, it's not here," said an employee of 343 Industries Still Wolfkill noted that to make a quality TV series based on the game not easy, but possible. 343 Industries trust his partners at Showtime, who have experience in creating TV series. Start of production of the Halo TV series planned for this year. In the first season of Showtime plans to release 10 episodes lasting one hour each.