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Step right, step left — the massacre!

Zadolba!whether 05.06.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Know who zadolbali more than yazhemateri, to allow their children screaming to be worn in circles, break things and push people? Yazhemateri that without "education" of their offspring can't tolerate three minutes.

a recent example: in the train gave place to a mother with a charming boy of three. The boy was put on the seat, the mother is. I'm standing right there. To go forty minutes.

I'm not exaggerating: over forty minutes, the mother dug up the child not less than twenty times. He climbed to his feet on the seat, no kicking, no screaming. Just sat moderately fidgeted, looked in the window, then mom, sometimes quietly tried to communicate with her. Tried to entertain themselves, depicting lips "br-R-R" — the sound of the motor. Received the first "educational" phrase: "And me?" Blankly staring at the mother (I must confess, too, though surreptitiously). "My lips want?" she said, clearly alluding to the common practice of the house.

Masterpiece communication with the three-year period, isn't it? Then everything from the same series. "Sit still", "sit up straight", "how ugly," "horrible, disgusting behavior," "hands off, now break the frame, new not buy" — the boy had glasses, and at some point tried to remove and put on their own, "I will not talk to you, you grimace" is when a guy tried to pronounce after the mother the name of the station Bittsa, but he repeatedly turned "pizza", which is not surprising for a grown man and it's not easy to say the word, is articulating. Until they came to his station, I just had to meditate and try to pass everything by consciousness. Because no kids "br-R-R", no quiet matters I was not annoyed one bit, but Mammy's comments above the ear to annoy the white of the eye.

the same on each of the first Playground. "Don't run, don't jump, don't stand there, don't sit there; make a fruit cake, gently take the shovel sand, no, not, and generally get out of the way, not stuck in the mud; not to grimace, behave yourself, so ugly, horrible, disgusting behavior!"

not respecting parents! What guides you when you bale, pulling, shame and plug every two minutes? Do you really think that with "horrible behavior," a three-year (!) the child will guess what he want and then will change beyond recognition? You really think the normal kids are the ones that are sitting without the slightest movement, like statues, for forty minutes in a stuffy train car?

You prefer to have you not talked to first class — but no "APE", err, Lisp and embarrass your image of the ideal parent? Seriously, I can't explain your actions nothing but bloated pride and desire to assert themselves at the expense of small, dependent person.

And don't realize that in the worst case, you will grow downtrodden, zashugannyh creature with a persistent sense of worthlessness, which will remain with him forever: and in 20, 30, and 40 years. At best the child's mind will learn to just filter these quibbles as minor external noise. And obtain at the output of the uncontrolled atoureta that screams, scandals, kicking the cats and drops the supermarket shelves, paying no attention to the entreaties, nor the shouts. Such results of his "education" you want?

And then you will complain about how tired you are, because this little bugger does not give you any peace.

Unhook from the children. Zadolbali, no strength.

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