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Orbiting the Earth are satellites of aliens

NEWS PLANET 05.06.2019 at 08:37

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60 years ago, the foreign media discussed the fact of the presence in orbit of our planet satellites, aliens and space ships. Today, these rumors have returned, despite the efforts of NASA to hide them, according to the portal

In 1954, in the Newspapers there were photos of several artificial bodies in the Earth's orbit, despite the fact that mankind launched the first satellite in 1957. One of the objects of the aliens called "the Black Prince". His task appeared to have control over certain States, for example, the USA and the USSR.

Experts have established that the obtained frames in the past did not respond to any treatment. Along with the photo, scientists Nd. Hulse and K. starmer caught confusing signals, reminiscent of the echo, with certain radio stations. First heard the main pulse, and followed him for the second time in some order (3 seconds, 4 and 5). At the end of the interval ranged from 4 seconds to 18.

the Signals captured vehicles from different parts of the world. In 1928, astronomer D. Lunan somehow deciphered the message. They contained the cipher of the star maps, so with the grounders wanted to establish contact with an alien civilization in the constellation of Bootes. And in 1974, I. Iliev determined that the message pointed to part of the constellation Leo and the star Zeta.

A. S. Sergeev generally been able to find the appearance of the alien female: he put the transcript signals in the coordinate system, thus you have a picture.