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Review Xiaomi Mi Box S - TV-console and media player 05.06.2019 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

A Previous review of a cheap TV set-top box and Xiaomi TV Box media player 3, what is called well-gone: he has more than sixty thousand reads, which proves an obvious interest of users to this topic. So when I saw that Xiaomi is a new version of the console called the Xiaomi Mi Box S (this is the international version of Xiaomi Mi TV Box 4), immediately ordered her to study. I must say that the difference between the two models (Mi TV Mi Box 3 and Box 4) on the hardware is unimportant, but this version is sold with Android operating system TV 8.1, so if you're just going to buy something like that, it is better to take already a new version, not the old. But to change Mi into Mi Box 3 Box 4 if the third model is definitely not to hurry.

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