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Hi-Tech / Hardware

Presents the design of the first RISC-V for the European supercomputers of the future

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 05.06.2019 at 20:23

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

With the Development of processors and platforms in the framework of the initiative to build new supercomputers at the European components of the international consortium of European Processor Initiative (EPI). Recently EPI has presented Eurocommission the first processor design, which will be the main for future HPC platforms of local production. The first was model Rhea EP271x with integrated FPGA-matrix. In early specifications were also plans to introduce more and ARM cores, but their presence (or absence) is not reported. Mass production of the new car will start later, and the first machine based on Rhea EP271x should appear in 2021. In a few years, is expected to achieve exaflops level of performance, that is, to compete with the American and Chinese supercomputers. Learn more about plans and developments EPI read on ServerNews →