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Whether UK demand access for inspection of alterations, repair of community equipment opening floors and walls?

Question - answer - Legal advice 05.06.2019 at 08:31

Question - answer - Legal advice

The Owners and tenants of flats in the MCD obligation to let inside: the house control organization (UK) for inspection of the apartment (as part of the MCD) and indoor equipment. This was pointed out by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation; brigade, which occupied major home repairs, repair of intrahouse engineering networks, which are located in the walls or under the floors in the apartment, including the need for dismantling of the floor or walls (after equipment repair they then are required to plug – related work included in the project of capital repairs and expenditures to the estimates). So said the Ministry of construction of Russia (letter of the Ministry of construction of Russia from may 28, 2019 No. 20295-OG/06, Definition of Judicial Board on civil cases VS the Russian Federation from may 7, 2019 No. 4-KG19-6). While admitting the criminal code should in any case (but the number of "non-emergency" visits, you can limit to 1 time in 3 months). But to refuse to admit a team overhaul, you can place your statement about impossibility of replacement/repair of intrahouse engineering systems in connection with the denial of access. Of course, if the apartment owner is convinced that building engineering systems under his floor in a full order and do not require replacement or repair. The act is signed by the owner, UK, customer overhaul and the contractor. Then the customer overhaul goes to court for obtaining access to the apartment, and the overhaul continues. But that's if for this time –from-for not admission of repair workers – one of the neighbors will be harmed, you can pay it will be the one who didn't let repairmen.