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"Beauty Queen": Inna and Isabella

Article 30.05.2019 at 12:54

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Inna Belova – 36. Was born in Chelyabinsk. Now works in Moscow as a teacher of painting. Loves and knows how to sing. Loves his unconventional, yet feminine figure. Although often difficult to choose clothes. Don't spend a lot on their outfits prefers to do the image of luxury with the help of numerous accessories.

Isabella Lyubimova – 46. Born in Azerbaijan, but now lives in Moscow. Studied at petroleum engineer and became a housewife. In clothes prefers bright, flashy images – doesn't like to blend in with the crowd. And when favorite budget brands finds nothing interesting, she designs and sews clothes for herself and daughter. Isabella is sure that the money is paper, here today gone tomorrow. But a way and style for a lifetime.

Participants should dress for business lunch and for a hike in the theater. And the third task is more difficult – they need to pick up the image using vest.

How to cope with the tasks the participant of the show, who will get acquired closet, we learn in the show "beauty Queen". Watch online

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