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Beauty Queen: Maria and Olga

Article 30.05.2019 at 13:47

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Mary gentle 38 years. Muscovite. Works wedding Manager. She helps grooms and brides to gather wedding image. Prefers to dress in luxury stores. No idea how you can buy something for 1.5 thousand rubles and don't look a tramp. Once for 4 days in Germany, pulled on clothes 6 thousand euros. She sure knows how to dress elegant, expensive and luxurious. Despite the fact that experiencing certain difficulties in the selection of clothing because of the different size top and bottom.

Olga Ptitsyn – 48. Was born and lives in Chekhov near Moscow. Works as a nurse. Proud of his Italian roots. Hot blood makes her dress up in outfits only bright colors, though classic style. Sure clothing needs to be inexpensive, but feminine.

Both participants should be the casual look with a white shirt, to pick a perfect image for an anniversary mother-in-law. And in the third task the participants have to find an outfit for the party "Stilyagi".

of the participants of the show "beauty Queen" has an impeccable style and who gets the crown find out on 7 June at 07:00.

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