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"Carousel": family troubles

Article 01.06.2019 at 16:37

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New head of the branch office of the Bank Andrey (Alexey Makarov) wakes up in the arms of another girlfriend. So he spends his spare time happily. Young and successful male trying to spoil your comfortable life. Even a casual ride in the Elevator with a neighbor-a mother and three rowdy boys can bring him out of balance, about the children he does not want to hear.

Andrew ridicules a colleague who can't go with friends to football, because I became a young dad. He is also a great will not spoil the evening even suddenly fell down on the head of an ex-lover. Oksana (Darina Redlicka) from Bryansk, where he had been on a business trip passing through Moscow. Andrew is going to quickly take her to the airport and catch the beginning of the first half.

But there it was. Oksana appears on the station not alone but with a cute boy. From time to time Andrew is not interested in where the former took the child – whether it is the case? But almost at the plane, she informs him of what was going on. Egor (Artyom Fadeev) is his son, and now remains with the Pope. As long as the mother is settled in Spain, have a new boyfriend. So football Andrew has to go in company of Yegor.

But in the sports bar not. And this is only the beginning. Ahead of Andrew is still a lot of new habits and skills. Early placing at night, cartoons in the morning, broken appliances and broken dates.

the continuation of the story about the adventures of a father "Carousel" watch, 16 June at 08:40.

the film also starred Julia Peresild, Peter Krasilov and Elena Safonova.

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