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"Queen of beauty": Catherine and Helen

Article 03.06.2019 at 08:26

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Ekaterina Rubtsova – 30 years. Muscovite. Studied microelectronics engineering and vacuum technology. But realized it was too boring for her, and became a music producer. Choose a nice style. Buy what you like, not giving preference to any specific brands. On the way to spend about 35 thousand rubles, and the wedding dress cost her 150 thousand. Often sew to order. Proud to be a wife and mother, as he considers it the most important in a woman's life. Sometimes entertains her husband belly dance.

Olena Guzhva is 37 years. Was born and lives in Moscow, is engaged in logistics. He is not married, no children. Believes that marriage often makes a woman formless and adult years. Proud to be in your age looks elegant and stylish girl. In clothes prefers the style of sport-chic and dresses in stores premium. Can spend about 30 thousand rubles. Loves motorcycles and loves to travel.

Participants receive three fashionable job. For an hour they will need to bring the image to enter the work, to use Luka in a bomber jacket and present himself in the image of Audrey Hepburn, repeating her style.

Experts assess what happened, and will choose from two candidates the one that did better. The results of the competition the audience will learn at the end of the episode "beauty Queen" on 17 June at 06:30.

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