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Beauty Queen: Christina and Alexander

Article 04.06.2019 at 13:05

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Kristina Kostyleva – 32 years. Born on Sakhalin, now works as a makeup artist in Moscow. Interested in sports, and it shows in her figure. Understands that looks young, so prefers youth style. Unlike many of your peers can afford to bold combinations of colors and styles. His style is characterized as sports-sophisticated.

Alexander Aldobaev for 43 years. Was born and lives in Moscow. As a Secretary in a public institution. Proud of his fragile figure, looking at which many don't believe that she gave birth to three children. Managed to keep the body of a young girl. For her, no matter the brand, the main thing that the clothes I liked. The outfits do not spend more than 5 thousand rubles a month.

Girls go shopping with different amounts. Fate will decide who will get an unlimited amount of money, and who is just six thousand. To show your taste, they should be head of the image to discover the staff, to dress for a Bohemian party and create a bow with the checkered shirt.

will participating in just three hours to choose exactly what they want? Whether the result of the judges? See issue 18 June at 06:40.

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