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Egor Nigay need your help!

Article 04.06.2019 at 16:49

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Egor Nigay 5 years. Mom and dad call him "little Prince". They believe that the son understands and feels their care. Their life is obtained, as in the famous tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Parents believe that their boy just hid in a box and not see it all.

Yegor was born as a healthy child. But 2.5 months in the dream suddenly stopped breathing. As a result of asphyxia, the baby's brain was damaged. Doctors diagnosed him with a mechanical brain damage.

Now Greg is in a coma. His life support ventilator. The level of oxygen in the blood monitors a sensor and aspirator helps to remove the phlegm. The baby on a strict schedule – at six in the morning for Breakfast, then a mandatory procedure. To avoid bedsores, parents turn over all the time son, do gymnastics, massage.

Egor was in the hospital, where he was in a bad one. Mom and dad asked for help in the children's hospice "House of a lighthouse". The experts provided the necessary equipment and the parents were able to take his son home. To Egor has not returned to the hospital, he needs a new ventilator, worth 330 thousand rubles.

If you want to help Greg, send SMS to 1200 donation amount, such as "lighthouse 500" and confirm the query of the mobile operator. The cost of SMS confirmation is $ 0.

We hope for your help!

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