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About veins in the legs

Relevant Posts — 07.06.2019 at 16:16

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Previously in full running and working out. Now only a daily walk either along the coast and in the city or outside the city; from 5 to 30 km a day. Sometimes, in low mountains. Age: 40 years. On the front of one calf appeared prominent under the skin Vienna, "a little curly snake", with a length of about 5 cm On the soles veins are visible, but they are "straight" and it seems to be fine (never before their status is not tracked). A question to experienced people. I guess I want to begin once more to take care of the legs to avoid varicose veins, etc. will it be Enough to cool shower in the morning and after exercise or need something else? (Previously, I haven't done that.) Do not damage quite a cold shower for the legs in this situation? Thank you.