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35 years ago in the Soviet Union invented the "Tetris". Legendary game celebrates birthday

Latest news / 07.06.2019 at 15:18

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The very first version which later became the world-famous puzzle game "Tetris" was born 35 years ago, on 6 June 1984 because of the Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov. He worked in the Computing center of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

the Main idea of the game, as time has shown, is as simple as it is ingenious. In the playing field fall down from the top of the figure, and the main task of the player is to stack them so that they form solid horizontal lines and disappeared, making room for new figures.

It is creative and constructive, not destructive component to this day distinguishes "Tetris" on the competition.

In its history, unpretentious fun in a variety of interpretations were produced on almost all consoles and computers, and often added as "Easter eggs" in a completely non-gaming devices such as oscilloscopes.

the Game "Tetris" has gone far beyond the gaming industry, became one of its symbols in our time familiar to even people who have never been fond of virtual games.