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News. Media reported that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper trying to save a relationship

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 05.06.2019 at 12:49

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A Few weeks ago, fans of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were unpleasantly surprised by news that the celebrity couple broke up. First reported by the American tabloid MTO. However, contrary to the gossip, celebrities continued to regularly appear in public while walking with my daughter Leah. Eyewitnesses claimed that the behavior of Bradley and Irina in these moments did not differ from the behavior of happy people. Fans wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but there it was. After all, today's edition of Page Six published an interview with the insider, who confirmed that the problems in the relationship between Cooper and Shake exist, but they are trying to overcome them. A family friend, whose name, of course, were not disclosed, confirmed that the actor and model from Russia very serious. Moreover, their relationship was on the verge of collapse and the pair seriously set out to break up. But due to the fact that Bradley wanted to get the coveted statuette "Oscar" for his work in the film "a Star is born", big news, it was decided to hide. Now, according to the same insider, Irina and Bradley decided to give each other another chance, and for the sake of daughter Leah to try to keep the family together. "But really, none of them happy," said a friend of the couple. - "Their relationship is hanging by a thread". As for the novel, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, which in the opinion of the fans and began the discord in one of the most prominent couples in Hollywood, and here it was not so clear. Speaking at a television talk show, the singer said that the audience saw the love between her and Bradley just because they wanted to. "We are very good actors," - said the singer, "and "a Star is born" is a love story that people would believe." Perhaps after this statement in relations Bradley and Irene, there have been positive changes. For those who saw the performance of Cooper and Lady Gaga on the award "Oscar" was absolutely convinced that celebrities are seriously passionate about each other. But once the singer denies it, then perhaps fans have the chance to see the reconciliation of actor and supermodel. Although they have a lot of work, because as said same friend of the couple, very often the interests of the Sheik and Cooper disagree. For example, he likes to spend time in a relaxed environment and engage in self-development, and she want to party. So, in fact, they are now United only daughter Leah.

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