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News. Victoria Bonya has denied the pregnancy rumors

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 05.06.2019 at 18:26

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The other day on instagram of Victoria Boni appeared the video, where she and her friends engaged in small talk. All the girls appear in the shot with the champagne glasses in his hands. One of the friends of Victoria, addressing the subscribers, reports that in her wine glass not alcohol, just water. The woman explains that she can't drink – she's a nursing mother. Victoria picks up this theme and says that she is not yet a nursing mother, but in her glass as not a drop of alcohol. This video was immediately spread on profile pages in social networks. Picked it up and the media. The words of Victoria, the journalists took for the hint of another pregnancy. Has not passed also two days as Bonia hastened to deny their own words. However, did it with her usual ostentatious pomposity. The presenter spoke directly to the media and asked them not to lead people astray and also stop to get her family calls about pregnancy, which is not. Victoria complained the story was so bloated that the TV channels want to take on this subject show and invite relatives Bonnie and her in the Studio. Turned instadia and to subscribers. She said to stop her to congratulate, because such kind words though pleasant, but quite out of place. Recall that Vicki has a daughter, Angelina. The girl ex-contestant of reality gave birth to Alexander Smurfit. Their life together was real bad a few years ago, the couple broke up. In interviews Victoria has repeatedly said that dreams about another child. She really wants to have a son. Here only men near Bonneuil no. All of her novels, which were discussed in the media and on social networks were paid. According to Wiki, the men asked her about these PR.

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