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The pyramid at the time of al–mA'mun - all - popular 07.06.2019 at 20:38 80 years on the Internet


the Caliph al–mA'mun, the glorious descendant of the prophet, intrigued by the stories about the countless treasures hidden in the depths of the Pyramid, made a journey from Baghdad to Cairo in 820 g. with a large number of workers for the excavation of the great pyramid. When the Caliph al–Mamun first entered the threshold of "Rock of ages" and looked at its smooth shiny surface, his soul, no doubt, was commotion. Falling stones had to be at that time, since the Caliph could not find any hint that the entrance — front of him heaving all four sides of the smooth stone. Guided by uncertain rumors, he ordered to start work on the North side and peck until then, until you stumble upon something. Muslims with their rude tools and vinegar was worth the enormous effort to break four hundred feet through the limestone. Many times they were on the verge of rebellion, but the word of the Caliph was law and the hope of a huge production to support them.

Finally, when they possessed full depression, to the rescue came the fate. Suddenly they heard the noise of crumbling stone near the slow-moving disappointed the Arabs. Running a noise with the outbreak of hope, they came to a descending passage that led to the underground chamber. They punched their way through a huge serving of the selling grid block that blocked their way. One by one they were cleaned gets a granite lintel and walked down the aisle, coming down from the Shrine at the top.

Finally no blocks left in their way, and the path followers of the prophet was opened. But where's the treasure? From room to room scoured excited people, in a vain search for prey. Resentment of Muslims has reached such an extent that the Caliph al–mA'mun, who inherited much wisdom from his illustrious father, the Caliph Harun al–Rashid, sent to Baghdad for treasure, which he secretly planted at the entrance to the pyramid. He ordered then to dig in this place, and great was the joy when the treasure was discovered, and the workers were delighted with the antediluvian wisdom of the Pharaoh, accurately assess monies owed them for the excavation of the money he buried to their joy and benefit.

the Emperor returned to the city fathers, and the pyramid was left to the mercy of future generations. In the ninth century the sun's rays falling on perfectly polished facing stones, turning each side of the pyramid in a blinding bright triangle, To date, survived only two such facing stone. Study the pyramids over the fact that all the facing stones were split and found its place in various Muslim temples of Cairo and its environs.

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