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Female question: how to get rid of hair on the hands right?

Expert articles on diseases, treatments and prevention, all about inhalers and medicines 30.05.2019 at 16:24

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How to get rid of hair on your hands? Effective ways very much. Women can choose the most suitable option: epilation, discoloration or mechanical method. If you can not use the salon services, then you should pay attention to more cheap money, which you can use at home.

the Hair removal in the salon

hair Removal on the hand can be performed with a laser. Client almost does not feel the impact of the rays after the procedure, the skin has no inflammation, no wounds, but his action is quick. Laser copes well with dark hairs growing on light skin. However, it has no effect on the follicles that are asleep. To get rid of hair on the arms forever, you need to do about 6-7 treatments. Breaks between them should be 6-8 weeks.

the Modern way of ELOS includes a light pulse and electric current. Him the strength to cope with hair of any diameter, color, but it is important that they are in active growth phase. For the best results you will need to carry out 6 procedures. The break between them should be between 1 to 3 months. The consequence after the session — the swelling, but not all subjects. The procedure is performed, if the length of the hairs is at least 1 mm. Between sessions are allowed to perform shave or use depilatory cream.

the Hair with the hands can be removed with the help of electric current. Because the procedure is very painful, then it is performed with the use of painkillers. The minimum length of hair can be 5 mm. Manipulation lasts a long time, there is a risk of infection. Positives: gives the result in all styles and any color hairs, ingrown not provoked.

the Choice can be stopped and the procedure that is carried out by a light pulse. The session takes a long time, the optimal number of manipulations —, 7. If there is an experienced master, the procedure is absolutely safe. The impact pulse produced at the active follicles.

For each of these methods have contraindications. They need to take into account to check with a specialist before action. The salon will be able to get rid of the hair on the fingers by any method.

Decolorize the hairs

For many women, salvation can be discoloration. However, the number of hairs is not reduced, they just become almost invisible. For these purposes, often used 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide. If the skin is insensitive to the effects of it from time to time to grease your hands with peroxide. However, she is not bred, for manipulation using a cotton pad.

Wash it after 20 minutes.

the Most effective method of clarification is the recipe: in a ceramic or porcelain container to connect the peroxide (3 tbsp), soda food (0.5 St. l.), smelling salts (2 ampoules). All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Mass put on 1 hour, if the hair is too thick and dark. When the situation is not so running, you can keep the 30 minutes, rinse with a little warm water.

to Achieve white succeed by applying to the skin mass, derived from the peroxide (1 tbsp) white toothpaste (1 tbsp). Leave for 20 minutes, gently rinse with water.

Before applying any of the suggested methods, you need to conduct a test that will reveal the degree of sensitivity to the composition. Lighten up is permitted and hair on the fingers.

Deleting without problems

In the home is often the removal is conducted using a chemical or mechanical method. How to get rid of hair on the arms themselves? Most women prefer to use a depilatory cream to shave hairs, because it is simple, fast, convenient and does not require large money expenses.

Razor and cream give results for a short period, because act only on the rod that is above the skin. They do not cause pain are allowed to combine the manipulation of taking bath or shower.

How to remove arm hair with a razor right? Shaving is performed with the use of shower gel, liquid soap. In this way the skin has to be wet. Need to razor in the direction in which the hairs grow. The duration of the manipulation may vary. It all depends on the hair density, extent of the treated surface. In the process it is important to use high-quality sharp blades or a new machine. We must act cautiously, then the skin will not have any scars, cuts, marks of irritation. If the procedure is performed wrong, the shave is performed against the growth of hairs they can grow in. After the procedure, the hairs quickly begin to grow, become more rigid.

At the present stage are quite popular creams on the basis of which is waxing. The effect is achieved due to chemical impact on unwanted hairs. To apply the proposed tool should be for a period specified in the instructions. You must then use a special scraper. It allows you to remove the tool from the machined surface with hairs that have undergone dissolution. Next cream liberally wash off with plain water.

the opinion on the subject

How to remove the hair, which make hands unattractive, everyone chooses their own. However, if you have this problem it is best to first consult a specialist and get tested. If the body has hormonal disruptions, will need to undergo treatment. In the absence of any problems you can safely go to a beauty salon, or use cheaper methods in the home.

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